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Welcome to my web page... this page is a paranormal phenomena links page, but most of the links are to UFO links. In the future, I hope to do some more things to this page. The first link you will see is a link to our IRC homepage. Our channel is #ufo/esp on the Undernet. To learn more about IRC, check out this link. But if you have a Macintosh, just do a search down below on my search engine, type Macintosh IRC.


If you think you have been abducted, or you have been abducted, click here. The abduction page has different links where you might be able to get help. It also tells you where you can go to talk one on one with a psychiatrist that will be able to help you with your abduction experience.

UFO/ESP This is the IRC channel that I frequent.

The Galatic Web Home Page It has a lot of files! I like it a lot!

Stan Friedman's UFO Page Check his page out, he's really well known; worth the visit.

The National UFO Reporting Center This is for all of the up-to-date information. It is updated very, very often!!

This is the Art Bell Homepage The name says it all... Art Bell. Check it out!

The UFO B.B.S. Hompage It's got over 3,000 files!! This is a must!

The Black Vault The name says it all... The Black Vault

The UFO Roundup The webpage that has a bunch of reports of recent UFO sightings, among other things

Department of Interplanetary Affairs Very, very good info!

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Me At CATSRUS@BTIGATE.COM if you have any questions, comments, or want me to add something to this page.

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